It’s a new year—the first year we begin as the Journey Church on the Common. We are a work in progress. In the C-3 Covenant we adopted last May, we laid out a clear purpose, mission and vision statement that would be the basis for what we do as a church in the coming years.

The purpose tells us why we exist. The mission describes what we need to do in order to accomplish our purpose and our vision statement looks at where we are going. It’s our aspiration for what we hope to look like in the future.

1. OUR PURPOSE—To bring people into a personal and growing relationship with Jesus.
2. OUR MISSION—To support, love and care for each other, engaging with our community in the name of Jesus.
3. OUR VISION—Our goal as a gathering of God’s people is to bring new life and renewal by creating an environment where unchurched people feel comfortable and at home, where individuals and families become excited about growing into strong followers of Jesus, and where we are committed to selflessly serving Chelmsford and the surrounding communities.

Starting last week we began a three part sermon series on our purpose, mission and vision. If you really want to understand what C3 (Churches Covenanting for Change) is all about then take some time to listen to this message series. You can listen to the talks on our website, come to church or pick up a copy of the written message for the previous week. If you really care about the church and its future, take the time to listen to this message series. It will help you understand why things are happening and help give you a picture of where we are going.

I hope that you will engage with this series. If you have questions ask me or others on C3. Email me at Talk about it with one another. I will find no greater joy that to engage in conversation about where we are going as a church whether you agree with some of it or not.

Pastor Chuck