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Special Events
Journey Church On The Common
Dinners 4 All

Dinners 4 All is a different kind of church from typical Sunday morning church. Such services are filled with ritual and are meant more for Christians and people who go to church all the time. They are not designed for people who are not sure what they believe about God or Jesus or question the value of church. Dinners 4 All is not like that at all.
It is designed for people who have questions about God, Jesus, life and the bible. Our format is very simple. We begin with a free delicious meal every week. We sit around tables on have some light and uplifting conversation with people. Then there's a very short talk about Jesus. A quick prayer and then dessert is served and there is the opportunity for people to ask questions. There's no singing or offering or other formal ritual. We don't meet in a typical church sanctuary, just in an open hall. It's just a relaxed time eating and talking together. If your nervous about trying something like this, come one time. You don't have to stay for the talk. But we believe you will enjoy it and want to stay.

We meet every Thursday night starting at 6 pm.
Our Address: Living Waters 10 Kirk Street, Lowell, MA 01852

To read more about it visit our website at dinneronthecommon.org.

Journey Church On The Common
Christmas Services

On Sunday, December 24th we will hold our Christmas service at 10:00am..
Our traditional Christmas Eve service will be held at 6:00pm. Come early as we expect the service to be filled as we will be joined by members of GracePoint Church .
There will be no Sunday morning service on December 31st.

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