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Our Vision

Our goal as a gathering of God’s people is to bring new life and renewal by creating an environment where all people feel comfortable and at home, where individuals and families become excited about growing into strong Christian followers of Jesus, and we are committed to selflessly serving Chelmsford and our neighboring communities.

Sunday Services

Worship - 10:00am
Coffee Hour - 11:00am
Adult Discussion Group - 11:15am

Office Hours

Open Tues - Fri, 9am- 12 noon
(978) 256-0855

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Special Events
Journey Church On The Common
Third Step Dinner

Third Step Dinner is a different kind of church from typical Sunday morning church. Such services are filled with ritual and are meant more for Christians and people who go to church all the time. They are not designed for people who are not sure what they believe about God or Jesus or question the value of church. Third Step Dinner is not like that at all.
It is designed for people who have questions about God, Jesus, life and the bible. Our format is very simple. We begin with a free delicious meal every week. We sit around tables on have some light and uplifting conversation with people. Then there's a very short talk about Jesus. A quick prayer and then dessert is served and there is the opportunity for people to ask questions. There's no singing or offering or other formal ritual. We don't meet in a typical church sanctuary, just in an open hall. It's just a relaxed time eating and talking together. If your nervous about trying something like this, come one time. You don't have to stay for the talk. But we believe you will enjoy it and want to stay.

We meet every Tuesday night from 6 to 7 pm.
Our address: 9 Academy Street, Chelmsford, MA 01824

To read more about it visit our website at https://thirdstepdinnerotc.org and our Facebook page.

Journey Church On The Common

People have lots of questions about God, life and Christianity, but often have no safe place to ask those questions. The Alpha Course is just such a place to ask questions. Alpha is an eleven week course that begins with a meal, has a brief presentation about one aspect of the Christian faith and concludes with an open discussion in which any question about God, life and the Bible is welcome. . Alpha is run all around the globe. You don't have to attend or be a member of the church to participate and everyone is welcome!
Our current session is no longer open to new visitors. We will probably start a new session in the spring of 2020. Look for future announcements.
The first session is a special introductory session. We encourage you to try it out and see if you like it. There is no commitment beyond that.
If you want to hear the personal experience of someone who went through Alpha, go to our Facebook page.

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